Backend PHP developer • August, 2018 — Present


Fullstack web developer, Backend developer • March, 2017 — August 2018

Since 2018 March, I was in the role of Fullstack web developer, as the company grew up it needed more developers, so I asked my manager to hire more programmers so that I can work professionally in backend field.

Nilfar Co

IT manager & PHP developer • Sep, 2016 — Apr, 2017

Earned a lot of managment skills and also developed my self expriences a lot.


Tehran University of Science & Culture

Bachelor Degree, Electrical Engineering • 2016 — Present

Cooperated in webinars and making new connection with people in this field.


The Full Stack Web Development

Udemy • 2019 April


Fullstack Developer • 2018

Booking website, designed with mdb and laravel.

Founder & Primary Developer • 2016

Telegram YouTube downloader and convertor bot. It was built with PHP and some complementary programs such as FFmpeg for conversion, youtube-dl, aria2 and redis for queue system. This bot programmed to have lots of feature such as :

  • Downloaded lists
  • Adding counter to file
  • Lots of formats with different sizes to download for one video
  • ...
. It reached top 10 bots in Telegram once, you can google it.


PHP Programming language

I have a lot of exprience with pure PHP and some of it's best frameworks such as:

  • Laravel along with some packages like Horizon, Passport, ...
    Also developed some packages compatible with laravel, too.
  • Zend and Lot of it's extensions and components
  • CakePHP
  • Yii
  • Symphony (Not exprienced a lot)
My github repositories can cliam my good background in this field.

Frontend scaffolding & frameworks

Have exprience with some basics such as :

  • Jquery
  • Bootstrap
  • Semantic UI
  • Material Design
  • PrototypeJS
  • ...
I have also worked around ReactJS, VUE JS but I am not a professional at these.

JavaScript & Nodejs

Worked hard on some of it's subfields. React Native, Streams, ...


I consider myself a well exprienced System administrator because I loved this field so I learned as much as I could. The systems I worked on: Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS, Redhat Openshift, Docker, Kubernutees, S3 storages, HAProxy load balancing, ...


Best employee of the month

AbzarMart • 2017

Awarded for being the best employee of the month for achieving my goals and having the highest amount of time at work.


Rozaneh Co.

Client • 2016

Wrote interagation module between Magento CE commerce system and Rozaneh Financial system.


Client • 2017 - Present

Using their PaaS ( CaaS ) system I was able to scale up Magento Ecommerce platform. Then without any problem autoscalling was achived without any problem.

Outside Interests

  • IOT.
  • Artificial Intelligence.
  • Management.
  • IT Networking.
  • Discovering hacking vulnerabilities.